Video content should have a story

When editing your Video content you should focus on storytelling

Your video content should have a story. Why? Because humans react strongly to emotions and tend to base their buying decisions off how they feel rather then facts and figures. 

In this blog post we share 3x client projects that did really well, because they focused on storytelling first and strategy second. 

Examples of video content that have a story:

1. Before and After (The Journey of a dentist patient)

Why should you focus on storytelling?

Firstly, In November last year we started having conversations with Mona Vale Dental about doing some dental video advertising for them.

In the heart of COVID we filmed our first video marketing campaign with them. 

We told a strong story of two dental patients getting their dream smile. We cut together an emotional reaction from Janine (one of the patients in particular). She started crying and regretting that she didn’t get the smile earlier in her life. Can you see why this is much stronger then the alternative which is:

  • You should get your teeth fixed 
  • It works like this….
  • It costs only $3000.00 AUD 

Because, our amazing client let us focus on storytelling they received over 40 comments and “10-15 direct message leads” from that campaign alone. Wow! Talking about good return on investment for video.

2. Small Business with lots of passion but couldn't get many customers

Secondly, we met Nadine and Lucy (two mumtrepreneurs) from Surf Sock at a local networking event in Manly, Sydney. We explained to them: “why video content should have a story” and gave them some ideas of what could really get them good brand awareness.

We went above and beyond to create an mini film for their small business. They had a product that was environmentally conscious and a really good idea. 

When we had a further chat with them they were about to give up on the idea and this video reignited their determination. They later started getting PR attention off of the back of this campaign. 

And now they’re still going strong and their sales have increased. All because this video oozed passion and had a strong storytelling approach. 


3. Reflection (Business Growth)

Thirdly, This video of Fiducia Property shows key creators of a new development in Neutral Bay. They are reflecting on their journey of creating “Harritte” at their launch party.

Rather then doing a typical event video with just music and visuals we mic’d them up and crafted together a story in post production. Clipping together the best bit from various people.

Although it’s a raw approach, unlike the two above it still tells a story of hard work and passion.


In conclusion, if you want to see your business grow on social media your video content should have a story in order to cut through the noise and stand out.

We would love to learn more about your business. We are Sydney-based, however service Australia-Wide. 

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