Peter Spann | Ambassador Brands

“Hi I’m Peter Spann from Ambassador Brands. We’ve collaborated with Tye and we love him because of he’s energizer bunny level of enthusiasm, his fast professional work and the level of quality that he produces. Those things usually don’t come together in a videographer, but with Tye you can always rely on him. We highly recommend him!”

Thomas Small | Small and Gunn Pty Ltd.

“Hi everyone! Thomas Small from Small and Gunn Financial Advice here. I just wanted to give a quick shout to and recommend tyebate.com to anyone who’s interested in any photographic or video services. We had the opportunity to work with Tye Bate a couple of weeks ago on a photoshoot for one of our newsletters and I have to say not only did we get some great photos but we also had a great day. All the guys they’re really nice, they’re really fun! Really talented and exceptionally professional. We have managed to get our photos back on the same day that we took them which was just unbelievable. And I recommend the guys for anyone that I’m talking to. So thank you very much again and I look forward to working with you in the future. And Tye I’m gonna need some more business cards to hand out because I’ve already ran out ” 

Rich Harvey | Property Buyer

“Hi Rich Harvey here. Buyers agent and CEO of Property Buyer. Just wanted to say a big thank you to Tye Bate for the amasing video you’ve done recently for our website. Tye, It was just a great quality video. Short and tight. The edit was really clear. It was well cut. The backing track was great. You were able to communicate the message in a really concise format. So highly recommend your service. Anyone out there wishing to use a good videographer no hesitation in recommending Tye he’s great. Thanks again Tye!” 

Helen Lever | Northern Beaches Council

“Hi I’m Helen Lever, general manager of customer corporate and I’m just making this little clip to say how much we appreciated the work that Tye did on our White Ribbon breakfast video which we have used. It’s really helped us promote White Ribbon across the organisation and get us to our next stages. Video was an awesome snapshot of our event and we really think the work was great! Thankyou.”

Ben Doyle | Fiducia Group

“Hey everyone, I’m Ben Doyle from Fiducia Group I just wanted to give a testimonial to Tye Bate. His creative design, his enthusiasm, his drive to make everything perfect, amazing, creative and fun. Turnaround time was awesome it was ridiculous. It was literally overnight and the creative cuts, the behind the scenes, the blooper reels, I cannot express enough how awesome you’ve been. Thank you and highly recommend you to anybody. Cheers!”

David Ferrari | Ferrari Constructions

“Hi Guys! I just wanted to say a quick thanks to Tye and his team for helping us out on some video we had shot recently for our website and also our social media. So couldn’t speak highly enough of the guys they came out to site quite a few times for our construction business and shot a series of videos and also some photos too which we will also use on our website. So yeah! Thanks heaps guys really appreciate it. Great job done by all.”     

Sharon Blain | Sharon Blain Education

“Hi everyone Sharon Blain here from Sharon Blain Education. I just had the opportunity to work with Tye Bate and he’s created one of our latest videos, it’s been absolutely incredible and I was so thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the company. Their video guy was extraordinary, he tried so hard and did everything just to get the right images, the right footage and the guys have put it together in really slick time. I think it was really amazing to do a shoot 2 weeks ago and already have that posted 2 weeks later and the quality is just fantastic so highly recommended this company if your looking at videos and if you’re looking at wanting a company to work with and connect with in this area.”

Maritza Barone & Bessie Kay | Wing It Baby TV

“Hi this is Maritza and Bessie from Wing it baby TV and we recently had the lovely Tye Bate filming the Aria awards for us.” “Yes he was absolutely awesome, so professional so great to work with, so on time!” “Oh and we booked him at the very last minute and he got there as you said perfectly on time and he was completely professional, turned the edit round in nanoseconds! And we’re very very grateful and we definitely, definitely recommend his services! Thanks Tye!”

Murray Altman | Murray Speaks

“Hello I’m Murray David from Murrayspeaks.com and a couple weeks ago I had the great pleasure of working with Tye as he came to film a keynote presentation I was giving in Sydney. And did an outstanding job. A couple of things which I really appreciated: Number 1 he was very respectful of my clients room. Obviously it’s their conference and he connected very well with the AV guys and was very discrete as he moved around the room. So not impacting the event in anyway. So I could just relax and I knew he was looking after that. Number 2 it was great to get a young perspective on his filming it was very fresh and innovative what he produced. And thirdly he got it turned around in about 3 days which is outstanding. So his work is exceptional I really recommend him. And look forward to working with you again in the future Tye. Thanks for doing such a great job.”

Noni Crawford | Hello Wealth

“Hey Tye! Just a quick thank you on 2 counts one for the Newport Chamber of Commerce which I’m president for. I was so amased that you and I could catch up for a coffee within half an hour come up with an incredible idea for the community and by the next day have 10 business’s on board and camera rolling. You then created an incredibly video that went viral technically on all different media platforms and the community were blown away by it.  So thank you for making my life a whole lot easier and even on the Hello Wealth front, my own business I wanted to showcase a workshop that I’m presenting. Nervous as hell so I didn’t really want to two of those and videos twice. I’m just so appreciative of how flexible you are with being able to in the background get things recorded, cut them up work your magic. I don’t know how you do it. To produce two videos for me to have for one my clients and two one of my business prospectives. So thank you for making my life a whole lot easier and for just naturally knowing how you actually put this together. There’s just a nack that you’ve got. So I’d absolutely work with you again in the future and recommend you to anyone that’s needing your help. Thanks Tye! 

Vasja | Shop Kartini

Hi guys! It’s Vasja from Shop Kartini. I’ve just recently started a clothing line and I got Tye to help me do my promo videos for all my collections and I could not recommend him enough. He always show’s up on time. He is so organised. He gets the video done in like 2-3 days.

Mark | Little Box Coffee Co.

“Hey guys this is Mark from Little Box Coffee Co in Newport NSW. We’ve known Tye for a while, used to be a customer of ours. He came through the other day and he offered to build a package for us. We were absolutely amazed at the quick turnaround of the work, how professional he was and how he knew his way around our industry which is hospitality. If you guys are ever thinking of doing some awesome content, please please please we do recommend him very highly and if you’re ever up in Newport make sure you come and say hello!”

Katie McCarthy | Scrunchiko

“With working with Tye with the ‘be the change’ video we did with Danni and Shellie, just in the week that we released the video we had over 88K impressions, 4.5K views and 10K likes and shares”.

John and Maurice Kennedy | K Squared Sportstyle

“Mate, we gotta give this bloke the biggest shout out in the world, he has helped us massively with our media stuff. But more importantly, he’s a great human. I just want to second that one. Mate the kid is a genius. Get involved with him, talk to him, he will help you out. We love him and I feel he’s on the cutting edge of the new stuff that’s coming through guys, so really really can’t push his services towards anyone who needs this sort of stuff.”

Phebe | Nighttime Industries Association

“Hi I’m Phebe and I work for the Night Time Industries Association, just wanted to say a big thankyou to Tye for helping shoot our media launch on Wednesday for our ‘unite for the night’ campaign. He was super professional, we were a little bit last minute with getting organised and he sent Cooper down to shoot. Cooper did such a great job and he had such good turnaround time on getting the footage back to us. Just wanted to say a big thankyou again Tye. Thanks!”

Kalinda Hawson | Barrenjoey High School

“Hi we just spent a morning filming up at the Barrenjoey lighthouse along the beaches with year 7 from Barrenjoey High. Had a great morning with Tye and got some awesome shots, I’m sure he will show you them soon enough but they were fantastic. Thanks so much Tye! Chow.”

Becky and Jazza Roberts | Enliven Coaching

“Hey guys, this is Jazza and Becky from Enliven Coaching. Just want to give a shout out to our man Tye Bate, he’s been awesome for us. We’ve done a little bit of work with Tye over the last few months, he’s been really good. He’s obviously got the flow of what kind of style we wanted. He’s played a little bit of his own flavour and given us a little mix of everything. Tye is awesome we love his work. Thankyou we love our videos. Can’t wait for 2019 to do some more work with you! Thanks Tye!”

Beau Robinson | Beau Robinson Leadership

“Beau Robinson here! Leadership and culture coach and former professional rugby player. And just doing a shout out for Tye Bate just wanted to say Tye thank you so much for the work that you’ve done for myself. Tye came along and recorded some video footage and put together some clips after a workshop I did for Michael page in the city and absolutely ecstatic with the final result and what that looks like. And I look forward to working with you again. You’re service has gone above and beyond and accommodated everything that we needed. So thank you mate!”  

Amelia Scott | Sophias Gelato

“Hi it’s Amelia Scott from Miss Sophia’s Gelateria in Brisbane!  We had Tye make a video for us last week. We had Will come out and shoot it and he was fabulous and we actually got the draft of the video back the exact same day we shot it. We were so happy with the final product and definitely recommend Tye for any and all videography needs”

Robin Hunuki | RH Media

“Hey guys! My name is Robin and I run a digital marketing agency here on the Northern Beaches. I just wanted to do a video quickly for Tye and what he’s done for myself (personal branding) and as well with the agency in this short month we’ve worked together. 

If you guys understand there’s a lot of noise out there online these days and in order for yourself to differentiate yourself out there and I guess get in front of the right people then you really need to connect with a person that understands the vision and can create the content that you need. So again just quickly wanted to do this video for him he’s helped us out a lot and I hope he helps out you guys to!”.