Safety measures for COVID-19

Can I get a video for my business during COVID?

What safety measures for COVID-19 are content creators implementing?

Can I get a video for my business during the pandemic? You sure can! We are taking safety measures for COVID-19 seriously. During this troubling time, instead of looking at the upsetting economic downturn, look at this as an opportunity to expand and stand out from the crowd!

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How has the our industry been impacted?

Like all sectors, our industry has also been impacted by COVID-19. In fact, Influencer Marketing Hub conducted a survey and found 65% of our respondents say that their firms were already reporting a noticeable decline in revenue.”

Furthermore, during the pandemic, big companies have been scrambling to adjust and have forgotten about marketing. This saw the cost of Facebook ads plummet significantly. Whilst others are screaming ‘run’, we believe now, more than ever, is the perfect time to gain a competitive advantage.

So what safety measures are we taking during COVID-19?

Alike the rest of our industry, we are implementing new safety measures for COVID-19 which emphasises client and crew safety. These four measures are in alignment with the Australian Government’s recommendations.

1. We’re wearing a mask to shoot

To begin with, the World Health Organisation recommends the wearing of face masks to stop the spread of coronavirus:

“Masks should be used as part of a comprehensive strategy of measures to suppress transmission and save lives…”

We are taking this advice seriously as we wish to prevent the spread of this respiratory disease. Your health is important to us, and that is reflected in our current COVID-19 safety measures.

2. Letting the client mic themselves

Secondly, we are currently showing clients how to mic themselves up and then allowing them to do this themselves. This is to ensure we meet social distancing rules and avoid unnecessary contact.

3. Hand sanitisation before and after shooting

Thirdly, our team is hand sanitising both before and after shoots to ensure we are germ-free. Hand sanitiser has become an essential measure we are taking.

4. Thorough cleaning

We are wiping down our cameras and equipment both before and after shoots with antibacterial wipes. As coronavirus has been found to stay on surfaces for numerous days, we see this step as crucial for your safety.

In Conclusion

Our safety measures for COVID-19 are designed to give our clients peace of mind. So, can you get a video for your business during Covid? Yes! Starting from just $389.99 + GST you can smash your competitors with high-quality, engaging video content. Whilst other businesses are neglecting marketing, this is your perfect opportunity for not only low-cost advertising but also to gain a larger market share. So, what are you waiting for? Contact our team today!

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