What is the ROI of video marketing

Is Video Marketing Really Effective? 3 Crucial Reasons You NEED Video!

What R.O.I. on video marketing can I expect?

When contemplating whether to invest in video marketing, clients often wonder ‘what kind of results am I going to get?’ They want to see a return on their investment (R.O.I.). So in this article we will be discussing what clients can expect from video marketing in terms of R.O.I. This article is 4 of 4 from the series ‘Zoom in on Video Marketing’ by Professional Beauty Magazine’s August edition page 87, click here to check out the others link.


Well, is video marketing effective? Here are 3 essential reasons why you need to consider video content.

1. Video content increases brand awareness

Firstly, video content increases how easily potential consumers recognise your brand ‘HOW CAN VIDEO HELP MY BUSINESS’. Now this does not see an immediate ROI but I love the six-pack analogy. If you want a six-pack, you’re not going to get it overnight! You’re going to get it from consistent content to build your brand awareness over say 3-6 months. You have to stick to your content plan and push content to really build that momentum. From there, it’s exponential growth! Your brand awareness will grow with video content, increasing your R.O.I. in the medium to long term.

2. Video is great for SEO!

Secondly, video has been proven to increase your webpages SEO! We know that text is the biggest element for SEO but video is a must! Video content is no longer a luxury. Instead, it is essential to build your presence online whilst ranking you high on search engines. It is now one of the major components of SEO. Every business owner loves SEO, as it is such a cost effective form of advertising. The R.O.I on video marketing can be exponential when using it to boost your SEO ranking.


Now a note to add is that Youtube videos must be used on the website. Although Vimeo looks great, Google owns Youtube and Google places your website in a high ranking space or a low ranking space. So if you place videos on third-party video websites that Google doesn’t own they aren’t going to like you.

3. Video is perfect for providing educational content

Lastly, educational content is becoming more and more crucial for your marketing strategy. An industry like the beauty industry can create educational content. This is so important for marketing and will give an almost immediate ROI. The benefit of this is that consumers will learn so much from you, viewing you as the expert, making them go to you rather than someone else.


So, in conclusion, how effective is video marketing’s roi? Extremely! You will see immediate gains from educational content as consumers see you as the expert, leading to trust and sales. Furthermore, you’ll receive much brand awareness and higher SEO rankings, which is a more medium to long term marketing strategy.


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