How to find a good videographer | What is a videographer?

“What is a videographer?” is a question I get asked quite frequently. Well, put simply, a videographer is a person who makes videos for businesses and brands. Yet it is so much more than that. A good videographer is an artist, piecing together the beautiful intricacies of the subject at hand. For us at Tye Bate Media Solutions, that is you, your brand, business or organisation.

What makes a good videographer?

It is hard to find a good videographer, so here is our list of must-have qualities needed!

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1. A high-quality, state of the art portfolio of work

Firstly, a videographer you want to work with will display a portfolio of work that shows a variety of quality and skilful work. This essentially lets you know what kind of work you will receive from them. And just because they haven’t filmed your niche or industry before doesn’t mean they aren’t good. If their material from other industries is high quality, you can be sure that their work with you will be too.

2. Testimonials or Referrals

Secondly, you want to see positive reviews from those the videographer has worked with in the past. What do they say about their work?

3. Consultations in person / video chat

Here’s a secret tip – ask a videographer about their most successful shoot and their biggest failure (shhh, don’t tell anyone!). This will give you a hidden insight into their passion and their ability to problem solve if something goes wrong.

4. Quick Turnaround time

Let’s be real, no one wants empty promises! That’s why a good videographer has a quick turnaround time so you can go on to promote your business, receiving a higher R.O.I. (return on investment) quicker. 

5. A high-quality team

Fifthly, it’s okay if your videographer has a team behind them! Just ask that the quality and service remains high. A team often brings more capabilities than a one-man show can.

6. WWCC (Working with Children Check) and Public Liability Insurance

If you’re in the education industry your videographer should have a Working With Children Check (WWCC). And in most other situations a videographer should have a public liability insurance to protect you, employees and all involved. 

7. Experience…

There are so many rookies in the videography game so beware! If you’re considering a videographer, get them to send you more than 5 examples of their work. If they haven’t got more than 5, then they may not have enough experience to their name so tread carefully.

8. People skills

A good videographer has phenomenal people skills. Ensure they can talk underwater and produce your script if needed. Additionally, make sure they can liaise with your clients and staff.

So how do you find a good videographer? They must meet all of the above criteria if you truly want successful content. Here at Tye Bate Media Solutions, we will provide you with the high-quality content you need so consider increasing your market share with us.  We vet all our staff so feel free to save yourself countless hours and consider us as your next video go-to. We offer packages from just $389.99 + GST so get in contact with the team today!

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