How can video help my business?

How does video help small business? | How to boost customer trust and sales

How does using video as a marketing tool help my small business? The benefits of video marketing are many and also inexpensive for small businesses to increase sales. Read on for the four major benefits of video content that you could be missing out on!

1. Videos promote brand awareness

Firstly, a major benefit of video marketing is increasing brand awareness. Brand awareness is how familiar potential customers are with your brand. This includes your logo, colours and images. Take, for example, the famous Nike logo.

When you see it, you instantly know the brand. This is the type of instant brand recognition that video marketing creates. It is no wonder that effective sales funnels, using Facebook ads for example, include brand awareness at the top of the funnel, targeting your cold audiences.

Video helps brand awareness, there's a reason we all know the Nike Logo
your online presence will increase

2. Improve your online presence

Secondly, social media advertising, including both free and paid forms, are important for putting your awesome product/service in front of potential customers. Good quality photos are important but engaging videos capture your audiences’ attention like nothing else can. Additionally, a small business with video content feels more legitimate than with one without. Take Facebook ads for example. We’ve all seen videos go viral with millions of views. The engagement levels here are insane! Such videos, no matter the views, improve your online presence dramatically.

3. Humanize your brand

Thirdly, stay clear from cold, dull stock photos. Studies have shown that we are naturally drawn to faces and humans in general. Not only are we drawn to faces, but we are also more willing to trust brands that use such content! Why is this important? Well, trust leads to sales. Furthermore, the video content of products/services being used is far more effective than your item in isolation. It is clear that engaging video content is the perfect solution for building trust and humanizing your brand. 

Take for example our meet the team which was just us as a team making fun of each other. It’s funny and relatable and humanizes our brand.

4. Boost sales and conversion rates

Have you ever visited an online store that had a product description along the lines of: 

Specifications: blue

Material: plastic

How dull. An engaging video that features all the benefits of your product or service in an authentic way can convert the average browser into a raving customer! Check out our video on the left to see why authenticity is key when creating a video that showcases your product and services.  

How to afford video?

Reaping the benefits of video content is surprisingly inexpensive our starting price is $389.99 + GST. We have a range of video packages available that will help your small business stand out from the noise and convert more potential customers to paying regulars! Get in touch today!

So in conclusion, how does video help small businesses?

Video content not only promotes brand awareness at the top of your sales funnel, but it also improves your online presence, humanizes your brand and most importantly, boosts sales.

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