Most Frequent Questions and Answers to Video & Photo Production Company in Australia and The United Kingdom

We service Australia and The United Kingdom.

Australian Locations:

NSW | QLD | SA | VIC | WA | ACT |  NT | TAS

UK Locations: 

London, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Sheffield, Wales, York, Glasgow and more…

Once the video/photo is captured. Our camera teams send the footage to our talented editors via high speed internet and we edit in-house. 

It does depend on the project and what is required. Some projects have taken us several months to complete. But for most of our entry-level projects the turnaround is up to 1 week. Just check out our testimonials.

At Tye Bate Media Solutions we believe in supporting local and small business. That’s why our starting price is $500 AUD + GST. 

So we created an affordable package called “Starter Package”. And it’s a visual montage of your business / service offering. 

There’s a link included to your website or contact information (Call to Action) at the conclusion of your video so your customers know where to contact you. 

We also capture a 15-20 second introduction to business owner so that your prospects get to meet the brains behind the business. 

Our starter package includes: 

  • Up to 30 seconds video (16:9 | 1080p)

  • Up to 10 Photos

  • Delivery 1 week

  • 1 Cam Op

  • 1 hour shoot -1 Revision  

We also create bespoke packages for clients who have a budget and what to squeeze the most value out of that budget. 

Yes our team is experienced in both photography and videography. 

Tye Bate Media Solutions will be turning 5 years old in 2023. 

  • Promotional 
  • TikTok, Reels and YouTube Shorts
  • Brand Awareness 
  • Educational tutorials
  • Videos for Website & SEO
  • Sales & Clickfunnel Videos
  • Vlogs
  • Service / Product Offering
  • Television Commercial (TVC)
  • How to / Step by step Videos
  • Events
  • and more…

We work really hard to make engaging content for your audience.

For example: One of our clients received 15+ direct message leads from a singular campaign. 

Although not every singular project is successful our clients that lock-in on retainers start to see a greater return on investment.

More leads come to their door as they build an influence in their industry. 

Video is great for SEO. Text used to be seen as a big SEO builder but video is a must. Having video is no longer a luxury but essential to staying relevant in Search.

We charge $200 + GST as an inconvenience fee for cancelled shoots within a 48 hour period and a reimbursement will be required for any expenses that are paid prior to the shoot. Find out more information by reading our terms and conditions.

We have a highly capable team of videographers and video editors in Australia and The United Kingdom. There is sometimes confusion because Tye Bate started off as a personal brand, but now it is flourishing media agency. Our CEO Tye Bate can’t make it to every shoot or do every single edit. To have Tye onboard it depends on the project, price and availability. 

Sometimes our clients will ask for RAW footage. Which is all the shots from our on-site shooting with no editing done. We charge minimum $50 AUD + GST to receive RAWs, but depends on how much gigabytes there are.

Our most frequently used way is or Google Drive. But we also post USBs or Hard Drives. We have also delivered DVDs to clients in remote locations without much access to technology. Charges do apply for USBs, DVDs, Postage or Travel. 

We start of with a 30 minute virtual / in-person discovery session with Creative Director Tye Bate or one of our sales reps. 

Then we send you a short tailored questionnaire, including questions like: 

  • Tell us about your Brand.
  • What is the purpose of your Video 
  • Who is your target Audience.
  • What is your Concept: the mandatory elements that must be in your video and the objectives you want to reach? 
  • How will your video be used? Distribution?
  • What Style and conceptual look do you want?
  • What video length are you looking for?
  • What is the Context and/or Emotional Goal of your video?

Then we send a quote. Once it is accepted we send you a non-refundable 50% deposit + hard costs and begin work immediately on your project. Contact us today on

Got a question you can’t see above? Get in touch and we will answer it for you 😃