Give Your Dental Practice a Smile Transformation

At the heart of dentistry is human emotion. 

At the heart of videography is human emotion. 

Pair dentistry and videography and you become an unstoppable force.

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Types of VIDEOS you could get with us?

Smile Transformations

From Invisalign™️ to Full-Arch Implants we can help you tell an emotional story through the power of video.

Reels and TikToks

Getting questions from patients that you have to answer all the time? Turn it into a funny Instagram Reel or TikTok and show off your brand’s personality. 

Personal Brand Videos

Grow your personal brand with content marketing that stands out and brings new patients into your clinic.

CGI and 2D Animation​

Have a super confusing concept to explain to a patient? Share it in a cool way that they can grasp.

Product Videos

Have a dental product that your practice sells? Create a cool promotional video to increase your e-commerce sales.

Educational Videos

Educate your patients before a treatment option or start answering google’s questions and increase your SEO.

Is your practice struggling to remain profitable?

Is is in need of its own smile transformation?

As a skilled dental practitioner with years of study and training under your belt you’re able to offer your clients the smile they’ve dreamt of.

But what happens when clients don’t come back for whatever reason and you’re left with a revenue shortfall?

Dental practices are not cheap to purchase, rent, maintain or staff.

Especially if you’re still servicing University loan re-payments.

All of which are costs and expenses that will vacuum up every bit of revenue they can.

You know that the answer is to increase your client base.

But  you’re too focussed on doing what you do best. Doing what you love. What you signed up for.

The problem is, you’re not a business manager and you’re not a marketing manager either. 

You’re a dentist. 

So while you’re transforming people’s lives and smiles with your dental and cosmetic expertise, your costs keep coming, and rising!

You have a good team around you but they’re not all reliable, and you don’t have the time to facilitate the recruitment of better staff yourself.

You’ve outlaid a small fortune for your iTero Scanner or latest dental technology, but are stressing about how long it will take to pay it off. 

Then there’s the fact that other dental practices are killing it with their marketing and social media presence. You envy them.

But the thought of building out a marketing or social media content strategy is just too overwhelming.

The results from your own attempts to advertise your practice and attract new clients have been positively underwhelming.

And on top of all that there’s APHRA’s recent update to advertising guidelines, and all the minefields you have to navigate when marketing your services now.

Not to mention the oversaturation of dentists in your area taking patients and profits away from your business. 

So what’s a dentist got to do to grow their business in light of all these challenges?

The answer is simple. 

Book in your obligation free 30 minute consultation (worth $125) with us,, so that we can help you create a digital content strategy optimised for your dental practice

At we have specialised in helping dentists strategise and create digital content that has produced unprecedented results for their businesses.

We don’t simply interview you and maybe film a client testimonial or two, then put it up on YouTube and hope for the best.

We take a much more strategic approach to ensure that we get results your business needs.

We find out what your business needs right now, and produce the content that your audience wants to see. 

The type of content your audience will resonate and engage with.

And to prove that we can put our money where our mouth is, consider one of our recent success stories working with one of our dental clients:

The video advertisement that we produced for them attracted 10-15 direct message leads to their business, who went on to become paying clients.

And these paying clients ultimately earned their practice an insane return on their original investment of 45 times! 

To find out how we can help drive similar results into your business, simply book in your free strategic consultation.

Our Bullet-Proof 5-Step Process


We have a 15-minute chat to see what your needs are and if we can support you and your practice. It's important both your team and our team are on the same page.


We spend a lot of time in concept development. The best videos are well thought-out. Everything that needs to happen for shoot day is pre-planned carefully.


This moment is magical. Our clients love being a part of this part of the process. There's always a lot of laughs and sometimes tears.


We sort through all the footage and tell a story. We add sound effects, graphics, colour grading and much more...


We like to work with your social media team to gain an understanding of how the video ads are doing and where we can improve for next time so your clinic continues to grow.

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