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At the heart of dentistry is human emotion. 

At the heart of videography is human emotion. 

Pair dentistry and videography and you become an unstoppable force.

Our Clients

Types of VIDEOS you could get with us?

Smile Transformations

From Invisalign™️ to Full-Arch Implants we can help you tell an emotional story through the power of video.

Reels and TikToks

Getting questions from patients that you have to answer all the time? Turn it into a funny Instagram Reel or TikTok and show off your brand’s personality. 

Personal Brand Videos

Grow your personal brand with content marketing that stands out and brings new patients into your clinic.

CGI and 2D Animation​

Have a super confusing concept to explain to a patient? Share it in a cool way that they can grasp.

Product Videos

Have a dental product that your practice sells? Create a cool promotional video to increase your e-commerce sales.

Educational Videos

Educate your patients before a treatment option or start answering google’s questions and increase your SEO.

Our client won 10-15 DMs

Watch Alistair from Mona Vale Dental explain how they won 10-15 direct message leads from a single campaign in 1 month.

A unique, proven and targeted approach

Tye Bate is a unique media provider. We create content that is targeted towards your patients or dental colleagues. We work closely with your social media team or marketing manager to produce the best results.

Fully produced video shoot

Our videos are professionally planned, filmed and edited. We don’t just shoot and throw it online. The content needs a purpose. We like to work with dentist’s who also want purpose-driven content. The alignment is important to us. Are you interested?

Our Bullet-Proof 5-Step Process


We have a 15-minute chat to see what your needs are and if we can support you and your practice. It's important both your team and our team are on the same page.


We spend a lot of time in concept development. The best videos are well thought-out. Everything that needs to happen for shoot day is pre-planned carefully.


This moment is magical. Our clients love being a part of this part of the process. There's always a lot of laughs and sometimes tears.


We sort through all the footage and tell a story. We add sound effects, graphics, colour grading and much more...


We like to work with your social media team to gain an understanding of how the video ads are doing and where we can improve for next time so your clinic continues to grow.

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