What to Expect When Receiving Your Photos After a Photo Shoot

As a client, when you book a photo shoot, you want to ensure that the end result is a stunning series of photographs that capture your memories perfectly. But what happens after the shoot is just as important. 

After the shoot, the photographer will carefully select a series of photographs that best capture the essence of the moment. These photos are then delivered to you via a gallery. The gallery is a great way to present the photos in a really nice way that clients love. You’ll receive a link to the gallery, which allows you to view all your photos in one place.

The photos in the gallery will have watermarks on them. This is to protect us and to ensure that the images are not used without payment. However, once the final balance for the shoot is received, the watermarks will be removed. This means that you can use the photos for personal or commercial use, as agreed in your contract.

It’s important to note that the delivery time for your photos will vary depending on the photographer and the shoot. Some photographers may take longer to edit and deliver your photos, while others may have a quicker turnaround time. 

In conclusion, the delivery of your photos is just as important as the shoot itself. A great photographer will carefully select the best photos and deliver them to you in a gallery that showcases your memories and the vision in the best possible way. By understanding the delivery process, you can be confident in knowing what to expect and look forward to receiving your stunning photos without watermarks.