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We have 20+ years experience in making videos for businesses, from simple one-minute explainer videos to innovative brand videos. We can help you with everything from scriptwriting to post-production sound design and editing.

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Improve your SEO ranking, keep prospects on your webpages longer, Increase conversions and improve sharebility.

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Our Bullet-Proof 5-Step Process

1. Alignment

We have a 15-minute chat to see what your needs are and if we can support you and your practice. It's important both your team and our team are on the same page.

2. Pre-Production

We spend a lot of time in concept development. The best videos are well thought-out. Everything that needs to happen for shoot day is pre-planned carefully.

3. Production

This moment is magical. Our clients love being a part of this part of the process. There's always a lot of laughs and sometimes tears.

4. Post-Production

We sort through all the footage and tell a story. We add sound effects, graphics, colour grading and much more...

5. Delivery

We like to work with your social media team to gain an understanding of how the video ads are doing and where we can improve for next time so your clinic continues to grow.

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