An agency trumps your in-house experts

After doing thousands of cold calls we have discovered that business’s often already have in-house experts taking care of their videography or digital marketing.

We thought it would be a good idea to explain the pros and cons of hiring someone in-house versus working with an agency.

lady cold calling a finding out that they have an in house expert

Firstly, having your own in-house videographer can be perfect and feel cost effective. But, unfortunately they can only do so much. If you decide to go the in-house route there are many marketing roles that need to be filled, such as: content creators, SEO, analytics, google ads, acquisition, product marketing, web design, etc. an agency will have a team of these experts already on board. Saving you a lot of time.

Outsourcing your video projects to an digital agency allows you to create content at scale and tap into diverse skillsets.

There’s nothing saying you can’t have a combination of both: in-house and agency to have the best outcome. We have worked with in-house teams before to create an awesome outcome. Just break down your goals and your needs and work out whats best for you.

Here are the Pros and Cons of both in-house and agency and at the end we reckon you’ll think agency trumps your in-house experts.

Pros working with In-house experts

  • In house teams are more invested in your brand.
  • You have them at your disposal.

Cons working with in-house experts

  • There are strings attached with in-house workers if there isn’t enough work you run the risk of the needing to let them go which is hard on both parties. 
  • You have to employ them and pay for any insurances, superannuation and equipment they need to do their job.
  • They can’t do everything and often can’t keep up with demand.
  • They often won’t have other creatives to bounce off which can lower inspiration and creativity.
  • They work in the business and often find it hard to see the bigger picture.

Pros working with agency

  • Access to multiple people who have experience with many different brands and collectively often have much more experience in years.
  • Agencies can bring a different perspective to the table and see the bigger picture.
  • An agency pays for all is own software, tools, cameras, tech and training which cuts costs for you.
  • An agency can stay across cutting-edge tech and trends easier mainly because an agency will employ lots of creative minds with different specialist skillsets.
  • Much easier to scale your business with an agency as they already have access to a team at their fingertips.

Cons working with agency

  • Agencies fit you in throughout the week amongst many other clients unless you have an exclusive retainer with them.
  • You’ll need to bring the agency up to speed with your business and brand.

Costs of in-house expert versus agency:

Agencies can be perceived to be much higher in price, but actually aren’t. A good marketing manager will cost anywhere between $80K – $100K p.a. whereas an agency can cost $20-50K on a retainer for a years worth of content and digital marketing skillsets.

Therefore, we think that an agency trumps your in-house experts.

Advice on how to work with an agency:

In conclusion, we believe an agency trumps your in-house experts any day.

And if you didn’t know we are a on-stop-shop and most likely the agency you’re looking for, so excuse the shameless plug “Contact us Today!” Seriously though you can book in an up to 30 minute discovery session here and that’s free.  Thanks for reading and we hope you got some value from the above blog post. 

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