Making affordable websites

Firstly, Making an affordable website can be hard that’s why we launched “Website Development”. You asked and we delivered! With COVID-19, businesses have needed to stay in the Internet game or face immediate closure and even bankruptcy. Learn more below about our impeccable web development service that gives you the modern touch needed for your brand to succeed.

Let’s meet the team!

Liam is passionate about web development and staying up to date with the evolving nature of ecommerce. Similarly, Maddy is all about user experience design seeing aesthetics as important but an intuitive site as paramount. Together, they create stunningly affordable websites to meet your business needs!

“Good design is not something you notice it just makes sense”

We are so excited to announce that we now offer four web development services to you! From app development to ecommerce to landing pages we now do it all. This includes an affordable offering of Web Dev Services, Digital Marketing to get the most out of your web dev, ecommerce website (Shopify) and Web App.

“Following the closure of my bookshops during the national lockdown, Liam and Maddy were able to build an e-commerce site for my business in just under 2 weeks, which permitted me to recover a sizeable portion of my revenue. They worked quickly and diligently to support my business in this unique period. I look forward to working with them again in the future. “

Stephen Adams, Mondadori Bookshops

1. Affordable websites

Similar to our video starter package, we have an affordable offering in web dev which includes a full refresh of your existing website. This includes: 

Tailored website design

Illustrations, animations and brand services such as logos and colours are all included! Did you know that a dodgy website immediately alerts a potential customer straight to exit? Modern, sleek branding builds consumer trust, which is essential to increase add to cart and purchases. Don’t doubt the power of an aesthetically pleasing website! Check out our blog ‘3 website tips to start 2021 strong‘.

4 pages + COVID-19 Policy (affordable websites)

COVID-19 has undoubtedly impacted the face of business but actually having a COVID-19 policy is essential now! Your customers are concerned about not only the logistics of your product or service but also your company’s COVID-19 safety policies. Putting your customer at ease increases their likelihood of purchasing.

2. Digital Marketing Offering

Who doesn’t want more reach? That’s why we offer a simple solution for you to acquire new customers effectively, whilst reigniting your relationship with existing customers with repeated purchases.

This includes:

Integrated newsletter service with one newsletter design

Newsletters not only keep your customers informed, but they also turn one-off consumers into long-term, faithful clients!

Social media embedding

The integration of your social media posts and profiles with your website gives your customer an organic feel.

Social media management

Managing a complete social media strategy is simply a must-have for all business owners. Without authentic content, you are missing out on huge sales!


SEO, short for search engine optimisation, lets those searching for your specific products and services find them organically! This is huge as you’re placing your business in front of customers actively searching for what you have to offer.

Google analytics integration

This includes analysis and reports that help you gather important data necessary to grow and expand.

Custom video

Video marketing is crucial in today’s day and age. Why? There are 3 reasons – it increases brand awareness, it increases SEO and is perfect for providing educational content.

3. E-commerce (Shopify)

E-commerce sales have been through the roof across all industries due to the global pandemic. If you haven’t already, you simply have to digitise your business with Shopify to stay in the game. And making an affordable website has never been easier with us by your side, saving you your most valuable asset – your time!

Services include:

Speed optimisation

Did you know that loading time majorly affects customer behaviour? In fact, 53% of mobile users leave a website that takes longer than 3 seconds to load!

Store setup

Conversion rate optimisation

Shopify theme customisation

Shopify store development

PSD to HTML/Shopify

UX Design

Troubleshooting, bug/error fixes


Free plugin integrations (sliders, countdown timer, zoom, shipping calculator etc.)

App recommendations and setup

Shopify theme installation/setup/updates

4. Web-app development

A web-app typically includes everything a static website contains, with the addition of backend functionality.

Examples include:

User authentication

This includes streamlining the signing up and logging in process.

Content management systems

For example, blog posts, portfolio and updating services are included.


We manage your testimonials on a regular basis.

Online Payment Processing

This includes the integration of credit card payments and PayPal.

Automated emails

Save yourself time from sending manual emails! We automate flows through MailChimp or SendGrid for different circumstances. For example, an add to cart without purchase will receive a prompt to purchase or a first time buyer will receive confirmation and details on shipping. This greatly increases your R.O.I. (return on investment).

Bookings/Appointments/Reservation systems

Again, this is a major time saver for you, freeing up time on expanding your business and reach.

Chatbots for customer service

Customers now expect chatbots. It is an easy way for them to ask important questions before they leave your site without purchasing!

affordable websites

In conclusion, we hope you’re just as excited as we are! If you’ve been looking for an affordable website and wanting to start 2021 off with a bang, look no further and get in touch with us today.

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