Interviewing Michael Mayor Regan and he gives small business advice and tips for COVID

Small business advice for COVID

Learn small business tips for COVID by 8 industry thought-leaders that we interviewed on our video series called ‘Swim or Sink’. 

COVID-19 has been a super challenging time for all of us. A couple months ago I was sitting down twiddling my thumbs and I kept asking myself questions about: how do I stay afloat during COVID? and what the next steps were for my own small business? I was in full COVID-19 Lockdown in the United Kingdom and running my Australian business remotely (We will get to those challenges on a later blog post). I was washing the dishes and had a light bulb moment. So, I interviewed 8 thought-leaders across multiple industries. I learnt some great small business tips for COVID which I wanted to share with you all.

For the next hour you could watch a mini series or just take notes of the main takeaways beside each video. You will be able to learn some great advice for: marketing, finance and operations so that you can continue to grow your business in a time of uncertainty.


Sharon said: “You have to change! Think outside the box. Focus on your business. Know your target audience really well. Focus on good customer service. Look at your cash flow. Get rid of the luxury expenses.”




Frank said: “It’s all about creating great relationships with your customers so they talk about your business and keep coming back! Nothing beats good service.”



Ali said: “You have to be proactive Listen Up Music created a page on their website dedicated to COVID-19. He also mentioned creating a daily structure is important for your mental health!”



Frank said: “It’s a good time to spend with family and friends and self. When things become uncertain in the world you think about where you fit in the world and what you take for granted.” He also went on to say: “I asked myself what are my stresses and unnecessary stresses.”



Mayor Michael Regan said: “It’s important to support local small business where you can! Be incredibly clear with your communications and put in place strategies and back up plans.”



Chris said: “It’s important to focus on education and I’ve encouraged all my clients to post educational marketing.” He also said: “To look at your current business model identify challenges and work out a digital way to overcome”. 



Noni said: “Call up all of your bills and ask for support. Cut out the costs and the things you don’t need! Create a financial calendar with a good old fashioned pen and figure out expenses and debts. Pay off high interest debts first. Try put $20-40 a week away into an account with low interest to build up an emergency fund”.



Glenn said: “Budgets will be tighter and value-add will have to be increased. There will be an increased focused on digital. Industries want current info to time sensitive topics”.

I really hope you enjoyed this mini-series and learnt some small business tips for COVID that you can use for your own business. What were your main takeaways? Comment below or get in touch and let us know .

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