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Our mission is to fill the world with good, one project at a time.

Our team collectively has over 20 years experience creating video and photo content for small to medium business’s and corporate brands. 

We live to feed the world with good, and we do this by helping brands and businesses tell their story through digital content solutions that are compelling, engaging, but most of all, memorable. 

We have camera teams in every state across Australia. Once the content is filmed it’s sent to us via high speed internet and cut in-house. We then can work with you to post your content with one of our social media marketing plans or digital marketing plans. 

Meet the Team

About Tye

Tye Bate started his love for the visual medium at High school. And was inspired by Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” music video to get into the industry. After Film School he was approached by various advertising companies around the world to help grow their brand awareness with video content. 

Then Tye created his own company to create awesome content in his own terms. Since the team has grown and we’ve been able to create 900+ videos Australia-wide for happy clients. 

Making Sales calls and talking with clients

About Nick

Managing Director Nick Armaah brings 5 years experience to the table. He puts his economics degree to use by sorting through client data and building out our sales lead generation funnels. You don’t see a lot of Nick but he helps bring the brand to life.    

Up to 1 week

Fast turnaround

2 years old

900 +


2 million + views

Our videos collectively have


Alike the rest of our industry, we are implementing new safety measures for COVID-19 which emphasises client and crew safety. These four measures are in alignment with the Australian Government’s recommendations…

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