5 vital steps for super-effective dental video content?

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Are you looking to share your practice’s vision with the world?

Then you’ve got to make video content. According to Renderforest, 66% of consumers would rather watch a video about a service than read about it, and videos on landing pages have the power to increase conversions by up to 80%.

But there’s more to it than simply making videos. To be noticed online, you need to cut through the noise.

If you’re new to making video content and the thought of filming yourself sets your teeth on edge, take a look at our 5-step process to make your dental video content journey pain-free.

1. Alignment

If you like what you see in our portfolio, start by scheduling a free 15-minute video chat with us. There you can tell us your concept and requirements and we’ll work out how to bring your vision to life.

We work across a wide range of areas, including:

  • Smile transformation videos: we follow your patients through their treatment to show their emotional journey, the human element behind your process, and how your work transforms lives. See how we documented Janine and Brittany’s journeys with Mona Vale Dental.
  • Personal Brand videos: we bring our creative cinematic eye to your vision and purpose to show what truly sets you apart from the competition. Check out this epic story we told with Dr Jack – the sky (and your budget!) really is the limit.
  • Product videos: if you’re bringing a new product to market, we’ll give it the spotlight it deserves, like we did for Dr Jack’s Denfinity toothbrush and waterflosser.
  • CGI and 2D animation: put your patients at ease and deepen their understanding with step-by-step animated treatment walkthroughs.
  • Educational videos: we can produce bespoke videos to guide patients through your treatments and increase your search engine optimisation by answering common Google or YouTube search queries.
  • Reels and TikToks: if patients keep asking you the same questions, we can produce slick short-form video content to save you time and show off your brand’s personality (and sense of humour!) on social media.

2. Pre-production

We dedicate a great deal of time and attention to pre-production: we visualise how to tell your story with maximum impact, and we meticulously plan the entire filming process to make the day of the shoot as efficient and stress-free as possible.

  • Storyboarding: we outline the key moments in your video, taking time to consider the overall story and the sequences and angles of shots. This allows us to plan what we need to film and work out technical aspects such as equipment and lighting.
  • Scriptwriting: once we have the concept and your confirmation, we start writing. We combine carefully scripted segments and more informal, interview-style sections, working closely with you to make sure we’re on the same page and your personality shines through!
  • Logistics and planning: we work out the specifics for production day. Depending on the project, this might include hiring specialist equipment, organising a location shoot or booking a studio, and liaising with our team of camera operators, makeup artists, caterers and producers.

3. Production

The big day arrives. All the hard work and preparation we’ve put in so far has been leading up to this moment.

We arrive at the practice, a studio or on location. Our team bring their brilliant energy and enthusiasm to make sure you feel at ease throughout the shoot. We set up, we warm up, everyone gets to know each other, then we begin.

If you haven’t been involved in a shoot before, we guarantee it’s a phenomenal experience. It’s definitely hard work, but there are tons of laughs along the way – and it’s so rewarding when everything comes together and you get that perfect take.

4. Post-production

This is where our shots become your story. These final touches are vital: they’re how we how we make your vision feel so real that your customers can taste it.

  • Music: the right music grabs your viewers’ attention, guides them through your emotional journey, and magnifies the most important moments so they’re electrifying.
  • Sound effects: our carefully chosen sounds add a larger-than-life, hyper-real element to your video, making it even more immersive.
  • Colour grading: a warm, cool or neutral colour palette can redefine the entire mood of a video, so it’s a super-effective way to set the tone.
  • Graphics: our cinema-quality 2D and 3D graphics show you really mean business. See how we used them to amplify Dr Jack’s personal brand and product videos.
  • Editing: we pride ourselves on our edits – the precision, the pacing, the atmosphere. We nail the first few seconds to hook your viewers in, and we combine all the elements above with carefully chosen cuts throughout to turn your footage into a story that’s gripping, emotionally charged, and deeply human.

5. Delivery

We send you the finished video!

But our work isn’t over once we’ve pressed send. We work closely with your team to understand how your videos are performing, to better understand what resonates with your audience and how we can tap into their moments of joy and pain to make your next video even more impactful.

We’re no strangers to working with dental clients – from Invisalign™️ to Digital Smile Design, we’ve seen it all – and we know how to create deeply engaging content that connects prospects to your products and services.

Want to work with us to bring your vision to life? Schedule a spot below. Let’s grab a virtual coffee.

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